This bag is made out of the top of an Army uniform. It is pocket style, the placement of patches and liner choice are completely customizable this is a sample only! 


How this works;

First you select the base bag that you want, everything is extremely customizable from there.  

You can fill in the note section with all the details, I will email you with any questions I may have.

You can find options for the liner on my facebook page in the albums (

You will then send the uniform to me, I will take it apart and set things up the way you requested. I will stay in touch letting you see the set up for things before sewing them to make sure it is exactly what you are wanting.

Once is it is all done I will ship the finished bag to you.

**Please allow for 2 weeks once I receive it from you to when I ship it back. You are in no way limited by what you see I here, if you have something else in mind, let me know and I am happy to work with you on the details for your personal bag.

** MADE FROM YOUR UNIFORM THIS IS A SAMPLE ONLY** Chest Pocket Army Envelope bag

Pockets inside?
Pockets on back?
Pen holder?
Handle material
Flap Closure

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